How to avoid common free local dating site headaches

jackieAs awesome as the concept of free local dating may be to most guys, you have to remember that it’s not an unqualified blessing. It really isn’t. You have to understand that just like with everything else in life, solutions always have a set of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to benefit from the advantages, you have to look at the disadvantages straight in the eye and really weigh your options. This is the best way to make a truly informed decision.

Don’t just get all excited about the concept of free local dating, only to feel depressed, discouraged, and rejected later on. You have to look at the whole process with eyes wide open. Otherwise, you’re playing the online dating game the wrong way. Here are some tips on how you can avoid the headaches that often attend joining a free local dating site.

Use an alias

You have to remember that there are a lot of adults you may know who join the same free local dating site. Most that I know are on However, they’re smart enough to use an alias. They don’t use account names that are readily traceable to who they really are.

You’d be surprised that many people actually use their real names when joining free local dating sites. I know this sounds stupid, but they’re actually doing it in a very tricky way. They would use an alias or a username that they use on forms or other places that people know that they use. It doesn’t take a genius to put one and one together. For example, it can be seen that the profile on a free local dating site who is looking for a wild threesome with two hot women is actually the high school principal.

Take custom pictures

If you’re going to take pictures out to a free local dating site for your profile, make sure you take custom pictures. I’m not talking about pictures that you use for your form profiles, pictures that you use for Fuckbook or Twitter. You need to take pictures that are very hard to identify.

Also, these pictures must not exist anywhere else except at the free dating site that you join. If you recycle your pictures or use your pictures in any other way, it’s just too easy to get spotted. It’s just too easy to get outed.

You have to remember that there are a lot of people out there who may not like you. They only need to be made aware that you are using free dating sites to get anonymous sex online, and they’ll use that knowledge to hurt your career or your relationships. Avoid that. Take custom pictures and never reveal your face.